for Galaxy Note 10


·      Composed light TPU Material

·      Shock absorbent side grooves

·      Raised front screen rim (?)

·      Enhanced button protection (?)

·      5 feet drop tested

·      1 year warranty

Coming soon
Price: $ x

Ready to feel groovy?
The Groove- a tough, yet lightweight case composed entirely of flexible TPU material, absorbs any accidental falls or slips your phone may encounter. Covered with ridges on all sides, your phone will be shielded and protected with a comfortable slip-free grip.

The Groove is a protective, yet lightweight case composed entirely of TPU material absorbing the shock from any accidental falls or bang-ups your phone may encounter. The sides are secured with groovy ridges providing a comfortable slip-free grip. Don’t worry about dropping your smartphone from 5 feet high- we’ve got you covered based on our successful Groove drop tests.