for iPhone 6/6s


  • Soft inner silicone layer
  • Hard Polycarbonate outer shell
  • Enhanced button protection
  • Soft touch finish
  • Full access to all ports and controls

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Fun has a new look.
We have had so much fun with the Bounce that it has become our addiction. The design includes two luxurious layers, providing durability and 360 degree protection. The interior layer, made from soft silicone, adds flexibility and extra protection for the buttons. The exterior layer, provides excellent grip for the phone with the hard durable shell, while being silky and smooth to the touch. The rim of the case goes above the screen so that your iPhone 6 is protected in front. The best part about the Bounce is that it does not hinder the beautiful design of your iPhone 6, it only makes it more fun!
Fun, protective, bouncy design.