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iLounge Reviews BASE for iPad Air 2

Skech's Base ($45) is a folio-style case for iPad Air 2. Base is a hard plastic shell surrounded by a soft waxed fabric cover, and soft microfiber lines the inside of the case. Read more

CNET's Best Galaxy S6 Edge - Crystal

This case does the best job preserving the Galaxy S6 Edge's unique curvature, while letting the design shine through. Read more

iLounge Reviews SkechBook for iPad Air 2 + iPad mini 3

Skech's SkechBook ($35-$40) is a folio-style case for iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 2/3. The name is fitting — SkechBook is thick and sturdy, as it looks and feels like a book. Read more

Runaroundtech BASE for the iPad Air 2 Review

Simple and functional. Those are the two characteristics I look for when selection an iPad Case. The Skech Base Case for the iPad Air 2 meets both of those criteria. Read more

CNET's Best iPhone 6 Cases - SlimView

Skech makes cases for Samsung's Galaxy phones and the new Slimview for the iPhone 6 looks a lot like the windowed folio cases that we've seen for Galaxy phones. Read more

Review: Skech’s Base and Skechbook join the early iPad Air 2 case ranks

So when new cases are supposedly tailored just for the iPad Air 2, I’m interested in seeing how well they actually fit and protect Apple’s latest tablet, even if their designs are otherwise highly familiar Read more

iLounge Reviews SKECH iPhone 6 cases

"Skech’s Ice is one of the better iPhone 6 cases we’ve seen so far. As with the company’s Glow, we consider Ice a worthy alternative to Speck’s CandyShell" Read more

RoundReviews Takes a Look at Glow for iPhone 5/5s

"We’ve actually started using our Glow permanently now due to simple yet nice design as well as the protection it offers." Read more

RoundReviews Speaks Highly of the ArmBand for iPhone 5/5s/5c

"The Skech ArmBand is lightweight and very comfortable to wear, so much so that you sometimes forget you’re actually wearing it." Read more

Skech Porter, One Of The Best iPad Cases Ever Updated For The Air And Mini

"The Porter keeps everything that made it good, and shrinks it for the new iPad." Read more

MobileFun's Top 5 iPad mini 2 cases - Flipper

"The look is clean and simple, with an extremely thin signature." Read more

MacWorld: The Week in iPad Cases

"The SkechBook features a book-style design, with a screen that flips around and double as a viewing stand that can support multiple angles in landscape orientation." Read more

Digital Trends: Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases

"SKECH’s Custom Jacket is a knockout given its interior felt lining, easy application, and overall lightweight build." Read more

iLounge's CES 2014 Report: SKECH

"Case maker Skech showed off a large collection of new iPhone and iPad cases at CES, including new co-molded/fabric iPhone designs and some updates to prior iPad cases." Read more

Review of Glow for iPhone 5/5s

"The Skech Glow Case for iPhone 5 and 5s provides dual layer protection in the form of a glossy case that fits the iPhone like a glove." Read more

Review of Groove for Galaxy S4

"Really slim and sleek." Read more

Review of Glow for iPhone 5/5s

"It is a very well designed case that offers a generous amount of protection but also looks really sharp on the iPhone." Read more

Review of Fabric Flipper for iPad Air

"Two different stand angles allow you to prop up the iPad Air for viewing and the case works with the iPad Air’s automatic sleep/awake feature." Read more

iPhoneItalia Reviews KAMEO Leather for iPhone 5/5s

"Come già vi segnalammo in precedenza, la Kameo (a modesto avviso di chi scrive) è una delle migliori e più belle custodie per iPhone." Read more

Review of the Bello for the iPhone 5c

"A good level of protection with a nice splash of color." Read more

Review of the ArmBand for the iPhone 5/5s/5c

"The Skech ArmBand is made from a thin neoprene like material that’s slip resistant, water resistant and sweat resistant. Because it’s so light the ArmBand from Skech is incredibly comfortable to wear as well." Read more

Review of the SkechBook for iPad Air

"The SkechBook features a classic, simplistic design. That’s one of things I like about it. The exterior texture of the case has a grippy feeling so it’s easy to carry around." Read more

iLounge Reviews Glow for the iPhone 5/5s

"This one's a little bit different than some others, though, with a hard glossy back panel and edge protector in line with the soft body of the case." Read more

iLounge Reviews ArmBand for iPhone 5/5s/5c & iPod Touch

"Available in black, with pink or grey accents, the soft material extends out into a band, that wraps back in and through a plastic clip, before using Velcro to attach to itself." Read more

CNET's Holiday Gift Guide, Top Smartphone Cases - GripShock, KAMEO, Lisso Book

"CNET reviews a variety of smartphone cases perfect for the holiday season." Read more

Flipper for iPad Air Review

"Skech Flipper for iPad Air: A great alternative to Apple’s Smart Case, at half the price." Read more

KAMEO Leather Listed in iLounge's Buyer's Guide - One of the Top 3 Fashion Accessories

"If you’re planning to go out and need to travel light, you can carry an ID or single credit card as needed." Read more

20 Best Cases for The iPad Air - Flipper & SkechBook

"Flipper adds minimal bulk to your iPad Air’s sleek lines, but it still provides the damage insurance you need. You can access all ports and controls via cutaways, and a soft liner on the underside of the foldable cover helps keep the screen smudge-free." Read more

Review of SKECH's Bello, Groove, and Slim for iPhone 5c

"If you’re a new iPhone 5c user on the hunt for a case I don’t think you can go wrong with any of Skech’s offerings." Read more

ArmBand for iPhone 5/5s & iPod Touch

"An in-depth look at the SKECH armband for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Definitely a must have accessory for any healthy active consumer out there!" Read more

iLounge Reviews Bello for the iPhone 5c

"Here, the plastic makes up the majority of the case, and is available in seven translucent to transparent colors. The opaque rubber comes into play around the front edge, and over the buttons". Read more

CNET's Best iPhone 5s and 5 Cases - GripShock, KAMEO, & Lisso Book

"More people are choosing folio style cases for their iPhones with a flip cover to protect their screens, and Skech has its Lisso Book, which also features a slot to store a credit card and ID on the back. It's one of the better folio-style iPhone cases I've tested, with a magnet in the cover and a slim, real leather design." Read more

8.28.13 Review of SKECH's KAMEO Leather for iPhone 5

"New to the KAMEO Mix is SKECH’s leather back which not only adds a sophisticated style element to the case but also a wallet too." Read more

8.25.13 Review of SKECH's KAMEO Leather for iPhone 5

"When pressing buttons - very tactile response,very easy to press; They feel really nice." Read more

7.14.13 Review of SKECH's Hard Rubber case for Galaxy S4

"A slim, slider-style case that comes in 4 colors." Read more

6.27.13 Review of SKECH's Groove for Galaxy S4

"It’s thin and light with a really cool design." Read more

SKECH's Custom Jacket Case Listed in Best Galaxy S4 Cases

"SKECH makes a few different polycarbonate and hard rubber cases (one is actually called the Hard Rubber) with attractive designs, but its Custom Jacket, a flip-top case, is the one I'm highlighting." Read more

5.20.13 Review of SKECH's Sugar case for iPhone 5

"It is a nice case to hold in your hand - it has a matte feel but still has some shine." Read more

4.21.13 SKECH Sugar case for iPhone 5 Review

"The SKECH Sugar case is a fun, eye catching slider style case. The matte finish of the Sugar not only looks sharp but adds a good feel in the hand as well." Read more

4.8.13 iPhoneItalia Reviews SKECH's KAMEO and LissoBook cases for iPhone 5

"La Kameo risulta realizzata con componenti di eccellente qualità ed il cui impiego si riverbera anche sulle finiture e sull’efficacia protettiva della custodia." Read more

CNET's list of best iPhone 5 Cases 2013 - SKECH's KAMEO and Lisso Book

"Another case from Skech that I like is the Kameo, which is fairly thin and durable and has a padded, removable back panel, while the Lisso Book is one of the better folio- style iPhone cases I've tested, with a magnet in the cover and a slim, real leather design." Read more

4.14.13 SkechBook for iPad mini Review

"It holds it really tightly so you know it won't fall out." Read more

4.7.2013 Flipper for the iPad mini Review

"The magnets are extremely strong and this why I still use this case today." Read more

3.27.13 Metagamer's Review of the Lisso Book for the iPhone 5

"On the inside there is a suede material that is very smooth, so you don't have to worry about your iPhone 5 getting scratched up in this." Read more

3.24.13 SKECH's Lisso Book for iPhone 5 Review

"Crafted from authentic leather, the Lisso Book looks great and is functional too, thanks to a magnetic clasp and hidden pocket." Read more

3.24.13 Cult of Mac's Lisso & Lisso Book for iPhone 5 Review

"The cases are exactly what I have come to expect from SKECH: impossibly light, thin and tough." Read more

3.19.13 GripShock for iPhone 5 Review

The GripShock is a great way to give you additional grip when holding onto your device. Read more

3/17/2013 SKECH KAMEO for iPhone 5 Review

"This is actually one of the best coverings for a home button that I have used in a long time." Read more

3/17/2013 SkechBook for iPad mini Review

"It really resembles a book in my opinion." Read more

4.3.13 iLounge Review of KAMEO for iPhone 5

"It’s protective and attractive, and allows the user to enjoy a little customization without added complication or investment." Read more

2.28.13 SKECH Groove Case for iPhone 5 Review

"It seems very seamless and it covers all the edges of the iPhone 5." Read more

2.27.13. SKECH KAMEO for iPhone 5 Review

"You can really change the look of this case quite easily just by simply taking out that back plate and popping in a new plate." Read more

2.21.13 SKECH KAMEO for iPhone 5 Review

"With two interchangeable back plates, three different protective materials and a front screen shield, the Kameo’s slick fit and cool design is sure to impress." Read more

2.17.13 SKECH KAMEO Case for iPhone 5 Review

"The SKECH KAMEO iPhone 5 case allows you to switch the back plate for your own touch and still takes protection VERY seriously." Read more

2.17.13 SKECH's GripShock Listed in CNET's iPhone 5 Case Round-up from A-Z

"It's relatively thin, but offers a fair amount protection and a nicely textured "weave" finish." Read more

2.11.13 SKECH Custom Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

"It doesn't add as much bulk as you'd probably expect, and I really like it; it feels nice in the hands." Read more

2.6.13 SKECH Hard Rubber for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

"On the bottom there's a nice big cutout, so you aren't going to have problems with any kind of charger." Read more

2.3.13. Cult of Mac - The SkechBook Turns the iPad Mini into a Neat Little Notepad

"In practice, the package feels like a nice, dense paper notebook. If you carry it in your hand, you’re going to love the feel and heft of it." Read more

1.28.13 SKECH Blueboard for iPad Review

"I enjoyed the special iPad function keys at the top of the keyboard. This was a great addition over the Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard that I have been currently using." Read more

1.27.13 Flipper Case for iPad Review

"The SKECH Flipper is a great all-in-one solution for protecting your iPad (3rd generation or newer). It’s easy to keep clean and works well in the typing and the viewing positions as advertised." Read more

1.27.13 SKECH Groove Case for iPhone 5 Review

"It's and interesting style case; it's designed to be really lightweight and of course, slim-fit." Read more

1.27.13 SKECH Flipper case for iPad mini Review

"If you like the design of the Smart Case and have been looking for something similar for your iPad Mini, look no further. Here comes the Skech Flipper case to the rescue." Read more

1.21.13 Hard Rubber Slider Case for iPhone 5 Review

"This is definitely one of the best fitted cases I have seen for the iPhone; everything is nice and snug with the phone and as you can see, is very slim and hardly adds any bulk." Read more

1.21.13. Skechbook for the iPad Mini Review

"I have been using this case for about two days and I have to say, it will definitely protect your iPad mini." Read more

1.20.12 SKECH's SkechBook for iPad Mini Review

"This is my case of choice right now; it is really lightweight and nicely constructed." Read more

1.16.13 SKECH Hard Rubber for iPhone 5 Review

"You have this bottom piece that is good for a couple of reasons. If you take this off you can dock; you can basically use accessories that maybe wouldn't fit otherwise and it works really really well." Read more

1.16.13 SKECH Shine for iPhone 5 Review

"This is a slider case - a nicer one than some of the others I have seen out there. It has a very soft, velvety-like interior." Read more

1.10.13 Top New iPhone 5 Cases at CES 2013

"Skech had a number of new cases, including this model, which features a dual-layer design (the inner layer can be swapped out and you get two different ones with each case)." Read more

1.10.13 Skech Unveils Super Slim Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 5

"Skech managed to shrink down the bulk seen in previous Powermat cases by removing the "chin" below the phone and replacing it with a small plug for the lightning connector. The plug also has a wrist strap connected to it for added protection." Read more

1.10.13 SKECH Wireless Charging Case Review

"It's a real case that looks good and charges your phone completely wireless." Read more

1.9.13 Custom Jacket for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

"The custom jacket from SKECH allows access to all the features of the Galaxy S3 whilst offering drop protection at the same time." Read more

1.7.13 Hard Rubber for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

"Its two part system keeps the case nice and thin, whilst adding really good protection." Read more

1.6.13 Runaroundtech Screen Guard for iPad mini Review

"It simply doesn't look or feel like there's a screen shield on at all. It's totally clear, 100% bubble free, and it looks great on the iPad mini." Read more

2.18.13 SKECH Gripshock for iPhone 5 Review

"The GripShock is made from a rubbery material that offers absorbancy and enhances the grip on the iPhone." Read more

1.3.13 Metagamers GripShock for the iPhone 5 Review

"This case provides a decent level of drop protection because of the material it's made out of, but it also keeps your iPhone 5 very slim and lightweight. It's a nice alternative to some of the bulkier cases out there." Read more

1.3.13 Runaroundtech GripShock for the iPhone 5 Review

"The GripShock case features a one piece design. The back of the case offers an interlocking, woven textured pattern for added grip as well as unique flair." Read more

1.3.13 Runaroundtech Hard Rubber for the iPhone 5 Review

"In the description of the case on Skech’s web site the company says that the Hard Rubber case is “super slim and soft to the touch” and I agree. You’ll be hard pressed to find a case that fits as well and feels as good in the hand as the Hard Rubber does." Read more

1.2.13 Runaroundtech Shine for the iPhone 5 Review

"The Skech Shine case for the iPhone 5 fits just about as good as any case I’ve put on to my iPhone so far and it didn’t bubble my screen shield either. With 7 colors to choose from the Shine case might just mark my return to the slider case. Want to see more" Read more

11.9.12 Cult of Mac Skech's Slim And Stylish SkechBook for the iPad mini

"Oh man. I’m trying so hard not to buy an iPad Mini, and this new Skech case isn't helping any. It’s a variation on one of my favorite iPad cases ever, and now it has been made tinier and cuter." Read more

10.30.12 iLounge Skech GripShock for the iPhone 5 Review

"GripShock is a surprisingly nice case from Skech. Available in pink, purple, black, or blue, and bundled with a screen film set, it’s a simple yet well-designed option." Read more

8.28.12 Runaroundtech Skech KAMEO for the iPhone 4/4S Review

"Two for the price of one! Everyone likes that right? That’s just what the all new Skech Kameo case for the iPhone 4/4s is all about. The Kameo comes with two interchangeable back plates which allow you to quickly change the look of the case. The Kameo is a hybrid style design which offers three different materials which result in a high level of protection for your iPhone." Read more

8.24.12 TiP Reviews Glow for The iphone 4/4S

"Cam takes a look at the soon-to-be released Skech Glow case for the iPhone 4/4S. The two-tone shell offers a really snug fit as well as great protection considering its thinness. Available in 6 color combinations soon" Read more

8.21.12 Metagamers Skech KAMEO for the iPhone 4/4S Review

"The Kameo case by Skech is for both the iPhone 4 and 4S and provides a great level of protection along with a unique way of swapping out the look and feel of the case. This is my full video review." Read more

8.21.12 Runaroundtech Skech Glow for the iPhone 4/4S Review

"The Glow case is a hybrid design and comes in a wide variety of colors. Click on through to check out my video review of the Glow from Skech." Read more

8.16.12 TiP Reviews KAMEO for The iphone 4/4S

"Cam opens up one of Skech’s new Kameo cases for iPhone 4/4S. The accessory features an interesting concept. It’s a resilient polycarbonate “bumper” style case with a removable insert. The insert isn’t purely decorative as it’s also shock absorbent." Read more

8.15.12 iLoung First Looks - KAMEO

"Although a new iPhone is coming in the near future, Skech isn't quite done releasing cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Its latest is Kameo, which combines a polycarbonate rim with interchangeable cushioned backplates." Read more

5.23.12 Runaroundtech Skech Hard Rubber for the iPhone 4/4S Review

"Case maker Skech has done something a little different in their design of the Hard Rubber Slider that does make it stand out from the crowd." Read more

5.22.12 THE TECH ERRA Skech Hard Rubber for the iPhone 4/4S Review

"If you are looking for a slim yet protective slider case for your iPhone, then the Skech Hard Rubber might be the one for you." Read more

5.9.12 GizmoFusion Skech Fabric Flipper Case for the new iPad Review

"The Skech Fabric Flipper is a case that fills in a huge gap when it comes to cases for the iPad 2/the new iPad." Read more

5.2.12 The Wirecutter Not-Horrible Cases

"This comes closest to matching Apple's aesthetics in a full case. The cover's magnets are spot-on..." Read more

4.29.12 iPadItalia Fabric Flipper: la custodia Skech per il nuovo iPad!

"Come abbiamo avuto modo di accennare quando parlammo della “Flipper” e della “Porter“, le due custodie per iPad2, la Skech, generalmente, realizza prodotti eccellenti." Read more

4.26.12 Cult of Mac Skech's Slim And Stylish Custom Jacket for the New iPad

"Custom Jacket from Skech has been my new favorite iPad case. It looks like leather, but is in fact artfully textured (and fully vegan) plastic, it holds the iPad tight and safe, and it weighs next to nothing. It also look pretty damn good." Read more

4.21.12 Runaroundtech Reviews the Fabric Flipper for The new iPad

"Do you remember my criteria for a good iPad case? I look for three things. First, the case has to be thin. I don’t need a heavy duty case for my iPad. I don’t plan on dropping it and most of the time it’s either stored in my gear bag..." Read more

4.12.12 TiP Reviews Custom Jacket for The new iPad

"Skech’s new line of iPad cases includes some really great ideas. Each trying to solve a different problem. Often – I find – one of the biggest problems is creating a case that’s both slim and practical." Read more

4.11.12 iLoung Reviews - Fabric Flipper

"Plenty of companies have attempted to copy the functionally of Apple's Smart Cover, with most attempts integrated into folio-style cases. Skech's Fabric Flipper for the third-generation iPad is one of the more recent." Read more

4.16.12 Runaroundtech Reviews the Custom Jacket for The new iPad

"What I really want is a case that’s thin, works with the iPad’s magnetic sleep/awake function and props up into a stand. That’s it. Does the Skech Custom Jacket meet my three main requirements? Click the jump to watch my video review to find out." Read more

4.10.12 TiP Reviews the Fabric Flipper for The new iPad

"Both parts are covered in a fabric that helps add a more approachable feel to what could have been an awful lump of soulless plastic. It’s a really smart move by Skech, and it’s what makes this case a huge success." Read more

3.22.12 TiP Reviews the Trax

"The Trax case by Skech’s motto is “reinventing the wheel” and that’s exactly what’s been done. Using recycled rubber from old tyres, they’ve designed a case that not only helps the environment, but also does a great job of protecting your iPhone." Read more

3.9.12 Cult of Mac Why I Love The SKECH Porter Case For iPad

"With the iPad 2, I have used the Smart Cover exclusively, with a rear skin sometimes. But now, I’m totally gaga over this hot little number from Skech. And here’s why." Read more

2.16.12 GizmoFusion thoughts on SKECH cases

"Skech cases are fantastic. I would absolutely recommend picking one up, either for yourself or as a gift for someone else." Read more

10.2.12 Runaroundtech Reviews the Blueboard iPad 2

"The Blueboard is one of the more luxurious keyboard cases I’ve had the pleasure of testing." Read more

2.5.12 Runaroundtech Reviews the Porter iPad2

"Here’s a cool case I picked up at CES 2012 from a company named Skech." Read more

1.13.12 THE MACFEED thoughts on SKECH

"Skech brings some great cases to market" Read more

2.1.12 iLounge First Looks - TRAX iPhone 4/4S

"Trax stands out from the crowd because of the material Skech used." Read more

1.11.12 Slinky Studio Reviews Flipper for iPad 2

"The Skech Flipper for the iPad 2 is functional, sleek and slim. A very good well made case." Read more

1.12.12 TUAW Looks at TRAX

"Today, while checking out the variety of iPhone case options available in the iLounge Pavilion at CES, I saw a display that caught my eye" Read more

6.13.11 iLounge Reviews Custom Jacket iPad 2

"It’s easy to find more expensive and less protective cases than Custom Jacket—we’ve certainly seen plenty" Read more

5.25.11 iLounge First Looks- Anti-Glare + Mirror Screen Guard for iPad 2

"Skech has released screen protector films for the iPad 2 in two different finishes: Anti-Glare and Mirror." Read more