The Galaxy’s Getting Smaller – Introducing the SKECH Line for the New Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Remember the days when bigger was better? They are far behind us. Samsung Galaxy has now gone mini. SKECH launches several new cases to protect the mini.

Samsung is releasing today the new S4 mini for users with smaller pockets. And of course if you're going to have a smaller smartphone you're going to need to be tough on protection. That's where SKECH comes in with several exciting new cases for the new Galaxy mini.

SKECH, the innovative leaders in Smartphone accessories is launching new products for users that have the new GS4 mini. Customers looking for slim and mini will favor SKECH's Slim line. Slim is one of SKECH's bestselling products that comes in a variety of mouthwatering colors with a silky irresistible finish. Slim is streamlined, light, and hard shelled to deliver maximum protection to the mini.

For users that want a softer, groovier shell, there's the shock absorbent Groove. Just like the Slim, it comes with a raised rim to protect the screen of the mini on the outside. The case is minimalistic and ergonomically designed to trace the smooth lines of the phone. The design is out of this galaxy!

SKECH will be launching further products over the coming months for the new smaller Galaxy, so stay updated via the SKECH website.