Why Everyone’s Talking about SKECH in 2012

This year SKECH debuted some of their newest products, including the TRAX which is made from recycled tire tubing, KAMEO, the heavy duty case with a removable back and Glow for iPhone 4.
In addition SKECH altered the camera lens cutout on all their two-piece cases to work with the new iPhone 4S camera released by Apple.

That's not to mention the eye-catching exhibition booth, which was made to look like a graphic equalizer. The equalizer bars were created by cases with lights flashing behind them; a touch of drama to an already eventful show.
SKECH who design and create their own iPhone, Smartphone and Tablet cases are also re-launching their website over the coming weeks. The site has undergone some dramatic changes. It has been designed to be more innovative, user friendly and eventually offer an online e-commerce solution for all SKECH products.