Samsung Gets Unpacked for Galaxy S4

Technology fans of the world unite, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is released in New York. If you have passed Times Square recently you'll have noticed that Samsung has been teasing their S4 with black and white posters. Does this mean the handset will be black and white?

More rumors, whispers, and leaked photographs are being circulated. It is almost certain that the new device will have a 5-inch HD screen with an awesome resolution of 1920x1080.

No one in the industry has advanced information on the launch of the S4, unless you believe the leaks and supposed sneak preview photographs. So how does a case maker like SKECH get cases ready for a new device without knowing the specifications in advance?

Product Manager, Gadi Zuckerman told us:

"It's kind of like a magic trick, sifting through the leaks and the gossip mill, and coming up with our own imaged idea of the next device. Obviously we plan our new products as close to this imaging as we can. Then comes the launch and inevitably, the scramble. There is literal chaos in the SKECH offices, where we amend and adjust our product specifications to match the new device." He went on to say:

"It's like adrenaline city in our offices on launch day; I personally love the launch day buzz".

SKECH will be launching new products for the S4 including; Groove, Custom Jacket and Slim. Then they will also launch their bestselling collections from the iPhone range for the S4, both Hard Rubber and Shine.

By the way, if you want to "attend" the event, you can do through this link: