Samsung Galaxy SIII- We Review the Device

We were very privileged to be able to preview the Galaxy SIII which was due for launch on the 29th May, with already millions of devices on pre-order.
As long-term fans of the iPhone 4S we were curious as to how the new Galaxy would compare. Our findings were extremely favorable. Samsung have touted their new device as, 'inspired by nature - it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments'. Perhaps a tall order, and with a claim like this you'll no longer need friends, but let's get back to basics.
A phone should:


The Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in two brushed polycarbonate finishes, Brushed White and Pebble Blue, this is where the nature element comes in. We personally preferred the look of the Pebble Blue and in fact the shape of the new Galaxy has rounded corners giving it a softer pebble-like feel. The battery panel is removable and also comes adorned in the brushed polycarbonate for a great-looking exterior.


The dimensions of the phone are 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm, and yet manage to allocate a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. The phone is lightweight, weighing in at only 133grams and the frame of the screen has been made narrower to give even more space to the screen. Buttons such as the oval shaped home screen, menu screen and volume are great additions to the Samsung Galaxy and there's a microSD slot, meaning the option to expand the memory by a further 64 GB. Combined with the internal memory of 64 GB this gives you a dazzling memory of 128GB right in the palm of your hand.
The texture and contours of the phone feel great and are comfortable both in your pocket and in your hand.


Well there's a lot we could say about the intuitive functionality of the Android but we'll leave that for another time. We will though focus on the improved front and rear cameras which are respectively 2 pixel and 8 pixels for excellent shots, plus the screen will be brighter and more high-res. to give more accurate and lifelike images while still using less battery power than before.
So for us, the New Samsung Galaxy SIII is a definite boom and we have developed new cases to protect the SIII including the New Groove case, the GripShock, the flexible shock absorbent case that gives a good grip, the Hard Rubber, one of our most popular sellers and the Custom Jacket Flip, for an elegant touch with all-round protection. Those will be coming soon, in the meantime we'll let Samsung do their thing, while we do ours.

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