iPad mini Released and the SKECH Process Gets Underway

If you have just gone and bought yourself the New iPad, you may be kicking yourself just about now. Apple have done it again and delighted the fans with the latest device added to their ever-increasing portfolio - the iPad mini.

The major feature of the iPad mini, that consumers will notice, is the new size and weight. The iPad has shrunk to just 7.2mm thick with a weight of just 308g. What's more is that the screen of the mini has a 7.9-inch, 1,024 x 768 - this is the same exact resolution as the iPad 2. Now although it doesn't feature a retina display as in the new iPad, the good news is that because of the size of the screen, the quality of the picture on the mini will look even better than the iPad2.

The ultimate beauty of the iPad mini is that it's much easier to handle. It can be used and held with one hand, taking photos and videos with the iPad no longer needs to be an embarrassing and clunky act. The mini feels strong and durable to be carried throughout your day without feeling fragile.

As always after the launch of a new Apple product the accessory makers scramble to be the first to market, to offer protective and functional cases for the device, the iPad mini is no different. Teams of designers, engineers and manufacturers race to release their offering. One such market leader is SKECH who have launched the SkechBook for the iPad mini. SKECH worked on this case for nearly half a year to ensure that they were live with an excellent product in time for the iPad being available to consumers. The process is an interesting one and covers three continents across concept, design, prototype, quality assurance, product release and marketing. An incredible amount of manpower goes into the making of the SkechBook.

The case proves to be highly effective at protecting the device inside, while visually the case is stylish and looks exactly like an artist's journal - both the feel and the look. This case has a rigid internal frame which holds the mini tightly yet simply slides out at the whim of the consumer. The case complements the weight and slimness of the mini and the book closure style adds to the functionality and usability of the iPad mini. I was lucky enough to be able to watch part of the process from concept to prototype to release and was even given a SkechBook case at the end of it. Now it just remains for me to get the iPad mini.