Good Workmen Can Now Blame Their Tools with the SkechBook

There's a saying about bad workmen blaming their tools, but there is no such saying about good tools enhancing the user experience. There should be. Think about it for a moment, if you were an artist or an architect, you would require a basic minimum of tools to conduct your work.

Even as an athlete you would require decent sneakers to run in. You may be using your iPad in hundreds of different ways. Research has shown that some people use the mini mainly for internet and email, while others user the iPad to write, read, and create images. The SkechBook for iPad mini is not just a protective case; it's a creative experience for the iPad mini.

The SkechBook was based on an artist's journal, in terms of its look and feel. It fully wraps around the iPad mini, yet leaves open access to all ports and controls. It has a textured feel to it and opens and closes just like an artist journal. The device rests inside a rigid frame which holds it firmly in place and safeguards the mini. The iPad mini can be removed in one smooth action from the inside frame.

The cover of the SkechBook folds back into a stable, multi-position stand giving the user perfect viewing and browsing angles. The SkechBook now has been released in a whole range of vibrant new colors including Deep Purple, Sky Blue, and Awesome Pink. The case is minimalistic in terms of look, and it's one of the lightest and slimmest cases available for the iPad mini.

The SkechBook can trigger creativity. Give it a try. Do something different today on your iPad mini.