Changing The Face of Protection - KAMEO for the iPhone 5


Sometimes a concept case comes along that just works. The buzz created around the KAMEO was overwhelming. The KAMEO which was previously launched for the iPhone 4 is now available for the iPhone 5. It is one of the most protective cases offered by SKECH, the leading innovators of accessories for the iPhone and iPad.

But that's not all; the real concept behind the KAMEO is the changing face. Imagine buying a case and being able to change the look of it - Almost like getting two cases for the price of one. That's the KAMEO; it has a removable back panel which clicks out. SKECH have created a whole line of interchangeable panels for users to be able to build up a collection and customize their case on a whim. They have even incorporated an extra black back panel into the package to get users started.

When users buy a case, they consider visual appearance as much as they do the protective power of the case. The KAMEO is built with a combination of 3 different materials, offering the ultimate in protection. The case incorporates shock absorbency on the sides with a reinforced frame, a raised rim to protect the front screen, and a heavy duty back panel.

KAMEO gives full access to the charging dock, camera, headphone jack, and all controls. The functionality of this case is a key aspect of SKECH's design.
The KAMEO is changing the face of protection.