The New Gel Shock - one funky case, one great price

Gel shock, one of SKECH's flagship products has been relaunched as the all-new Gel Shock. Among the changes that you will see with the new Gel Shock are the new design and colors.

These days even kids carry mobile phones. So who needs to protect their phones more than children? Because of the amazing price point of the Gel Shock it's perfect for everyone from 7 to 70.
The Gel Shock has been redesigned to allow maximum exposure from the iPhone camera flash. You'll notice the quality of the pictures that you'll take with the new case on will drastically improve.
Another change is that it's been made to sit tighter around the phone - while it's still easy to apply and remove, the case hugs the phone closer. This means it's even more protective than the original Gel Shock.
The all-new Gel Shock has been launched in ten fresh new colors - one for every day of the week, and then some!
The Gel Shock is great to touch, easy to grip and really nice to look at.