SKECH Plans a Quality Selection of Cases for The Newly Released Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S5 was released with rave reviews at MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The S5 is very similar in design to the S4 with a 1080p Super AMOLED panel, but is slightly larger in size at 5.1 inches. In addition, the new design comes with some impressive new features. The new Galaxy device features a fingerprint scanner, which Samsung has partnered with Paypal on to implement secure online payments through their service. The camera has also been improved with a 16 megapixel rear camera. Also to note is its IP67 certification - the water resistant nature of the device is a feature other large companies are beginning to explore as well. Another significant piece of hardware that has been implemented is a heart rate sensor -which can monitor your pulse and record your movement and food history.

With Samsung's Galaxy S5 unveiling, accessory companies are right behind with a selection of their own products. SKECH, a case and accessory company located in San Diego, CA is one company who has a variety in-store for the device.

Speaking with Product Manager, Gadi Zuckerman, he shared a bit about the new SKECH line for Galaxy S5. "We are preparing a selection of new designs and colors we are really excited about."

The collection will include several of SKECH's best-sellers including their soft, flexible case Groove in a couple new knockout colors as well as the two-piece selection; Hard Rubber, Sugar, and Shine. What's impressive about the 2-piece collection is the twist they have created. The structure is not the same as to what you are used to - it's been greatly improved. The removable bottom piece is smaller, more elegant, and you can hardly see there is a line separating the two pieces.

An exciting addition to the SKECH line is the Polo Book. This book-style case offers complete protection of your Galaxy S in a leather-look design. The cover features the on/off feature and opens and closes easily with the help of a gentle magnetic flap. Inside the case you will find space for all your credit cards and extra cash. The case even doubles as a viewing stand.

The Galaxy S5 device is expected to hit shelves the beginning of April, and SKECH's collection for Galaxy S5 will be ready then in stores near you.