SKECH Launches a Variety of Galaxy S4 Accessories


The Galaxy S4 was launched with much fanfare at Radio City in New York. Samsung showed off some of its dazzling new features that have been incorporated into the S4. For one, there is an eye-tracking sensor in the phone that follows eyes movement and can pause automatic scrolling of a webpage if the eye looks away. The ‘moving beyond touch' feature will certainly help the Korean company who is making the handset available to 327 mobile operators in 125 countries. Samsung is set to increase their market share from what is currently 16% to Apple's 25%. With an increase in phones, users need more choice of accessories for the device. SKECH, the design manufactures of smartphone cases have put more emphasis on this Samsung launch than any other.

SKECH in total plans to launch a variety of cases for the Galaxy S4 - a real selection of designs to suit every user's taste and pocket. Hard Rubber and Shine are the two-piece hard shell cases, which have soft touch and shiny finishes respectively. Slim is the ergonomically designed case that follows the thin lines of the S4 without increasing its dimensions. Groove is a retro style case for the Galaxy S4 that is minimalistic in structure, with interesting designs and made from a protective, flexible material. The GripShock, which will be available at a later date is a highly textured woven case that is shock absorbent and comes in a bright range of colors.

Exciting times ahead for smartphone fans with the two smartphone giants competing against one another to bring out more fascinating features. With new phone designs to come, expect more exciting ways to protect your device with case-makers like SKECH.