SKECH launch the much-talked about KAMEO and Glow cases for iPhone 4S

This month sees the launch of SKECH's latest products for the iPhone 4/4S, the KAMEO and the Glow.

The KAMEO who's slogan "Protection has a new face" has been well hyped in the form of viral videos and advertising teasers. It's the most protective case in the SKECH collection.The KAMEO, which has been deemed as "the superhero of iPhone 4S cases", is unlike any other case on the market. For one, the KAMEO has a changing back piece, which by popping it out and replacing it with a new back piece changes the look of the phone. SKECH will be offering limited edition packaging with an extra case inside as part of the launch.

The other feature of KAMEO which places it uniquely, is the composition of materials which go into the creation of the product. Three materials form the body, the frame and the back panel of the case; each one designed explicitly to match the protection requirements of the phone. The changeable back panel is made from an interesting foam-like material which is extremely shock absorbent and durable. The frame of the case is a hard polycarbonate material that protects around the device and there is a second shock absorbing reinforced layer inside the frame for further protection.

Glow for iPhone 4S is an eye-catching product with an interesting appeal. It's the kind of accessory for people that don't want to hide their phone in a conservative case. It's bright and very protective as it's made form a combination of two materials. One of which surrounds the body of the phone and the other which frames the case in a softer shock absorbent material.

The case slips on and doesn't add any extra bulk to the phone. A lot of thought has gone into the making of the phone to fit the needs of the user, including open access to screen, ports and all controls and superb grip, so no phone slippage.

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