SKECH is Getting Ready for The New Apple Devices

The Excitement Builds with Apple's Coming Release of the iPhone 5c, the iPhone 5s and the iPad 5.
The rumor mill is in overdrive again, as teasing snippets of information emerge about Apple's exciting new product releases for the latter part of 2013.

Apple's launch this year is a surprising one in that the release of the iPhone 5s will be closely followed by a colored iPhone - ‘iPhone 5c' as some are calling it. Soon to follow will be the release of the iPad 5, a cross between the iPad 4 and the diminutive iPad mini.

In classic Apple style, no information has been released to the general public, but from several unintentional leaks we can tell you this: The iPhone 5c is expected to be the best priced iPhone on the market. It will suit most pockets and will be specially targeted to a younger audience. From certain angles the iPhone 5c looks a lot like the iPhone 5, however the entire back is made from plastic. The device will come in a range of bright colors; red, yellow, green, blue and white. It's anticipated to have a 4" screen, a back similar to the iPod 5th Generation, and a shape similar to the iPod classic.

SKECH is readying the shelves with some of its leading cases including Slim, which will be available in colors that match the iPhone 5c as well as a transparent version that will show off the iPhone. Also to be expected is the Shine with a glossy white finish, our funkiest case Groove, the bestselling Hard Rubber, and our newest transparent addition, Bello. This case is a fitted, transparent hard shell that will let the natural colors of the iPhone 5c shine on through.

The iPhone 5S will look the same as its glamorous predecessor the iPhone 5, but with some extra fine tuning. The device will offer a dual-LED flash, longer battery life, improved retina display - an upgrade in every sense of the word. SKECH cases for the iPhone 5 will fit the iPhone 5s, catering to the dimensions of the phone and the dual-LED flash.

The iPad 5, also expected to be released later this fall is a thinner and lighter design than the iPad 4, but a bit larger than the iPad mini. Some say the iPad 5 will be designed to wirelessly charge, while others say it will vibrate when messages come in. One thing's for sure, if you want a light and fast machine - the iPad 5 is talking your language. SKECH will be supplying the striking Flipper case along with its cozy cousin, the Fabric Flipper. Also expected is the BackShell now with a transparent design with a UV protective coating and the popular SkechBook which proved its success with the iPad mini.

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