SKECH are pleased to announce the release of new products for the New iPad

The California based designer of premium products for the iPad and iPhone have gone-to-market with a variety of their bestselling cases, specially adapted for the new iPad, as well as a launch of completely new products.

According to the Product Manager of SKECH, Gadi Zuckerman, "once a SKECH customer always a SKECH customer". He says,
"A lot of our business is returning customers. Our emphasis is on lifetime customer value; this is manifested by making our customers fall in love with the SKECH brand as well as the high quality and varied products we offer."
Statistics show that fans of Apple products often update to the latest device model, people can stand in line at the launch of a new product for hours, and that's also true of the iPad fans. These fans expect the same quality and dedication offered by the manufacturers of the protective cases, as these have the ability to prolong the life of the device.

SKECH have launched the following products for the new iPad: The Blueboard - the case with a detachable wireless keyboard, the bestselling Porter and the Flipper - the case with a back shell and smart front flip in one, as well as the Custom Jacket for the more professional user. These are fully compatible with the new iPad, including features such as the smart on/off function which turns the device on automatically by opening the flip and turns it off by closing it.
The Marketing Director, Kfir Ben Shushan conducted a lot of research on the adaptability of new iPad cases to the smart features within the device. He said,
"I tested a lot of new cases on the market and found that a great percentage were not offering features such as the automatic wake/sleep function. It seems Apple changed the polarity of the magnets in the device which affected this function. For us it was an absolute necessity to offer this, it's something our users have come to expect".
SKECH also launched a brand new product called the Fabric Flipper, currently only available to the iPad 3 users. It a smart front flip attached to a protective backshell in one, coated with a soft, easy clean fabric - a product that puts emphasis on a partnership between design and protection.

SKECH assure us, there are even more unique products coming soon.