The Unveiling of the iPad 3

Apple takes a step and the rest of the world runs to catch up. Rumors are abounding as to the possible appearance and new features of the next generation of iPad. Talk is cheap and often the new release is beyond expectations. This time, talk is of a better screen resolution for gaming and photos, better cameras, faster processing time...perhaps the device size will change too, although with Apple keeping this information close to their chests until the very last moment how can one be prepared?

What is true though, is that as a manufacturer and designer of iPad protective cases, SKECH is always ready whatever the outcome. Speed of time-to-market time after a new apple release is of utmost importance. This explains why SKECH have become experts at quick product turnaround while maintaining the integrity and innovation of the product.

You can be sure that however the iPad looks and functions SKECH will deliver the best cases for it, in the entire marketplace with the quickest turnaround